Hello and Welcome!

This little storefront is here for your convenience.  However, my favorite way of conducting business is through email.  I love to hear the why and how of what you'd like.  I like to run a relationship based business and email is much more conducive to that!

You can check IG at @littlebitfunkysews for inspirtation and ideas.  The #allthekindsofhohos tag is helpful to see what I've made in the past.

A perk of building a relationship in this setting? We get to know each other and build trust.  The more trust we have the more flexible I can be.  The more trust we have, the more I can do for you in terms of sewing and ideas you might have that I can help bring to life. 

Plus, relationships are just everything, aren't they?  I've made so many friends through this business over the years and I look forward to many more!

Email me at: crystal@littlebitfunky.com

Home of the Hohos!

What's a hoho and why does it only have one eye? A hoho is a very special creature, made by me just for you! It's a purposely wonky little creature that is here to remind you that YOU ARE LOVABLE and you don't have to be perfect to be lovable (and the one eye is a reminder of that!). Each one is unique and special, just like you!